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Honda Diagnosetool OBD-Tool inkl.Software


Honda Diagnosetool OBD-Tool inkl.Software

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Diagnostic tool for Honda for connection to PC or Laptop.Zum package includes a diagnostic interface and a small carrying case.

The module is waterproof. After installing the software, the module is automatically detected.

Scan tool to read the stored fault codes and delete the error codes. Displaying actual values ​​of the sensors temperature, pressure, speed, speed, voltage, and more. Recording of actual data during the test with nominal data display. Target display data graphically and digital possible. Automatic storage of the complete test procedure. The module requires a PC or laptop via USB port.

The software is written in English language (unfortunately not available in German). Due to the simple and clear operation but this is likely to represent a low or garkeinen knowledge of English is no problem.

Software updates are free, the tool has a lifetime warranty !!!

Only for Windowssystem from XP with USB !!!

You also have the same need an original Honda Workshop Manual for your model ordert.Sie Quote this in our shop here or on request.

For more Honda models is fits to:


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