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Healtech eSync Tool EST-01 inkl.Software


Healtech eSync Tool EST-01 inkl.Software

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For best performance and optimum operation, multi-cylinder engines require throttle valve synchronization from time to time. This synchronization process compensates for the vacuum in the intake/throttle bodies so that all cylinders receive the same amount of air/fuel mixture. The eSync tool from HealTech Electronics Ltd. is the best solution for this job.
With conventional synchronization tools you only see a strongly damped mean value of the pulsating vacuum. In contrast, the eSync tool gives you real-time information about what is happening in the combustion chamber. You can also make much more precise settings.
Measurements can be saved and used as a reference later. With the Service Report function it is the perfect choice for workshops.

• Just plug it in and start the measurement. The eSync tool comes with our PC software, which has a clear and easy to understand user interface.   
• The instrument has four digital, high-precision, highly sensitive, factory calibrated, fast-response vacuum sensors. The complete waveforms (which occur in the combustion chamber) are displayed in real time.
•  If you can see what is going on in the combustion chamber, you can save hours of work. It's also a useful tool for vehicle owners who want to do their own maintenance.

Note: Manual and software are in English only.


You can also order an original Suzuki and Honda service manual or a CD of the models, if required. you can find them in our shop here.

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