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CBR 1000 RR + SP SC57 SC59 SC77 Cordona Precision Quickshifter 8 Kit


CBR 1000 RR + SP SC57 SC59 SC77 Cordona Precision Quickshifter 8 Kit

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Precision Quickshifter 8 for instant upshift under full throttle is suitable for Honda CBR 1000 RR + SP Fireblade model 2004 - all models. Without ABE!!! Only for the race track!!!!

Due to frequent inquiries: No further accessories are needed!

That means no Powercommander, ignition module or similar is needed for connection or operation! There are also no problems with Suzuki models, that the machine runs into the emergency program or the FI lamp lights up or similar. Any "halfway gifted" screwdriver who can cut a thread can do the assembly and installation.


  • Professional product for the highest demands. Suitable for push and pull.
  • The programming is done via 2 small buttons and can be controlled on the small LED display.
  • The PQ8 has a small beeper for test purposes.
  • The machine is supplied with suitable plugs so that a quick plug and go assembly of the electronics is possible within a few minutes.
  • As sensor the proven Cordona Strain Gauge GP Switch is still used, which is of course included in the scope of delivery.
  • This sensor can be used as a train and pressure sensor so it doesn't matter which circuit you drive.
  • A universal switch rod is also included.
  • The switch rod has to be cut to length on one side and then a thread has to be cut.
  • The interruption times are variably adjustable, the switching off occurs abruptly, the switching on is computer-controlled with offset regulated depending on the speed to ensure a smooth switching process. The computer calculates the optimum interruption time depending on the set value and the speed. The set interruption time is selected for the optimum switching time (speed). Depending on the current acceleration and speed, the computer will then optimally adjust the interruption time for each switching operation. Switching as in MotoGP.
  • Optionally, a programmable switching flash can be connected.
  • For dragrace/acceleration races, the Cordona has a special switchable automatic function.


All required parts are included in the scope of delivery including shift rod.




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