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ACEBIKES Motorcycle Stand STEADYSTAND Cross 190


ACEBIKES Motorcycle Stand STEADYSTAND Cross 190

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ACEBIKES motorcycle stand STEADYSTAND Cross

This SteadyStand is suitable for 18 to 21 inch tires and for tire widths from 90 to 120 mm. By using the foot pedal, your front wheel can be anchored in the stand. This eliminates the need to pull down your fork and prevents damage to the seals. By using the SteadyStand Cross, all you have to do is use the attachment to secure the rear end of your motorcycle. The special foot pedal can be installed on both sides of the SteadyStand Cross.

Special features:

Durable galvanized materials
Specially designed for dirt bikes
The foot pedal is equipped with a safety lock system
Mounting bracket to choose from for small or large cross tires
Keyholes in the side frame for easy removal of the SteadyStand Cross
Multiple installation of the foot pedal.

Scope of delivery: 1 piece

Note: Only suitable for fixed installation.

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