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ACEBIKES Motorcycle Stand Fix STEADYSTAND AC 152


ACEBIKES Motorcycle Stand Fix STEADYSTAND AC 152

Delivery period: 2-4 working days

Price incl. VAT, including delivery in Germany


The galvanized Acebikes SteadyStand Fixed makes use of gravity. The SteadyStand Fixed can be easily mounted on the floor of a trailer or transporter. You can drive your motorcycle into the SteadyStand Fixed to leave it in an upright position. The weight ensures that the motorcycle is firmly anchored. For a completely safe position, all you have to do is attach the straps to your motorcycle. The SteadyStand Fixed is adjustable for different wheel sizes and suitable for 10 to 19 inch tires with a tire width of 90 mm up to 130 mm.

Special features:

Durable galvanized materials

Can be anchored on any solid surface

Including the mounting materials

Maximum stability due to the complete safety system of the front wheel

Adjustable for different tire sizes, suitable for 10 to 19 inch tires, a tire width of 90 to 130 mm

Weight: 5 kg

Width 210 mm

Distance of mounting holes: 185mm

Scope of delivery: 1 piece


Other models also available from us on request!


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